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Our aim with this blog is to provide information for parents on some of the different parenting styles that can be employed when raising children. Our main approach in describing these styles will be from the perspective of operant– or, “instrumental”– learning:

Operant learning is a type of learning wherein an organism’s behaviors are either strengthened or weakened, depending on the consequences of the behavior. In terms of child-rearing, children learn what is acceptable to their parents, depending on the parents’ reactions in regards to these behaviours.  Each parenting style applies these consequences differently, and therefore typically yield different results.

Because not everyone will agree with all of the practices of the different styles, after reading and learning about them, it is up to you to decide what approach– or combination of approaches– might be best for you.

Also, feel free to check out our “Informational Sources and References” page (in the top-bar) for all of our educational references, and for more in-depth reading.


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