Permissive Parenting

From The Mother Company. (2012). Permissive Parenting [Photograph].

Permissive parenting is a lenient parenting style. Children are not given guidelines and are allowed to make their own decisions, regardless of their age and capabilities. Permissive parents take little control; they either spoil their child(ren) or pay no mind to them. The variability in reward/punishment for behaviour can be described as a low contingency from the perspective of operant learning. The lack of contingency could mean less learning occurs since the child is not aware of what is considered appropriate or inappropriate behaviour. The lack of punishment for misconduct may incidentally reinforce that view that all behaviours are proper. The child does not avoid any behaviours since he/she will rarely experience consequences. Permissive parents often will ignore misbehaviour and any punishments or rewards for behaviour are variable. This inconsistency can project on their children as children may develop a low level of persistence on tasks.


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